Custom Baton Testimonials

"Your customer service was superb! Thank you for making our questions and concerns your own, and for making our experience with Old World Music so positive!"
Andrea (Ohio)

"Received the baton today. It is a true work of art. You will be getting more orders once people up here in Maine see this. "
Fred (Maine)

"My feedback about the Grand Elite baton is that its light and very nimble and the different ways to hold it simply makes it an all-around great baton.
Jordan (Hawaii)

"I have received my Grand Elite today and I have to say, it passes my expectations! It's a marvelous baton with a very nice finish! I would recommend it to anyone here in New Brunswick to use it! It's lightweight and has a nice hold. Thank you so much for making such nice batons and keep them coming because I will sure be doing business with you in the future! Thank you,"
Justin (Dieppe NB, Canada)

Hooray! They arrived today! The batons are both beautiful and balanced very nicely. I particularly like the heft compared to my Mollard batons. I like those, but have always found them too light. The Old World batons feel much more comfortable to me. The handle size and shape fits my hand better, too. Well done! I have a new "go-to" company for batons.
Thank you so very much!!!
James (Arizona)

"My custom baton arrived today. WOW!!! Words are not enough to express how VERY pleased I am with the look and feel of the graphite composite shaft with the Amboyna handle! The inlay at the end really sets off the baton - what a beautiful, beautiful instrument! The craftsmanship is superb and the balance is spot on - I couldn't ask for better. I can't wait to begin using it to get the feel and have the conversations start. Thank you so much for your time, patience and expertise in assisting me in the creation of my new baton. I am just as pleased with your creation as I am with the Hermele I have! If you need a testimonial, I'll prepare one for you or you can certainly use this one! There is no doubt in my mind that I will recommend you to colleagues for custom batons.
Thanks again!
Karan (Georgia)

"I got the baton on Saturday. That's a really fast delivery! The baton's craftsman did a great job. This baton is sooo elegant! In fact, it's a gift for my best friend (choir conductor). I believe she will love this baton!
Thank you for all things you did during this days!"
Sandy (Taiwan)

"Just wanted to let you know the baton and case arrived today in perfect condition--thank you very much for your prompt processing of my order.
Thought you might like to know that the baton/case will be a gift for the retiring Commander of the United States Air Force Band here in Washington, DC. He will be starting a new career in university level conducting this fall, and I am hoping he will find special meaning in using this baton.
Thanks again."
Mike (Washington D.C.)

"I received the baton case in good condition - it is beautiful!! Thanks very much!!
Michael (Maryland)

"The baton arrived in amazing time. I am very happy with the product, it's a great baton and is balanced perfectly.
Thank you for your great customer service,"
Daniel (Oklahoma)

"I ordered a baton from you a few weeks ago. It was a green infinity.
When I received it, I was immediately thrilled with the baton.
It was beautiful and incredibly well-balanced. I am thoroughly satisfied with the baton.
Thank You,"
Seth (Oregon)

I got my baton and it's Beautiful!!!!! Thank you soooooooooo much for your company's work and efforts!
I couldn't be more pleased!"
Kate (Wisconsin)

The baton arrived in good order on Wednesday. Thank you so much for your wonderful artisanship!
Kyle (Indiana)

"I have had batons in my hand for over 60 years. During my many years as a junior high, high school, college, and professional conductor of band, orchestra, and choirs, I have used many batons of different styles. You not only have a wonderful variety of styles of batons, but I have never seen finer quality of workmanship.
Thank you for your contributions to the conductors' world."
Dr. Kenneth Muckelroy (Texas)
Professor Emeritus of Music
The university of Texas at Tyler

Repair Testimonials

"I couldn't be more pleased with the repair work! The bass is playing beautifully, and the repair is flawless. I will definitely use you in the future, and gladly refer you to everyone I know.
Thank you so much!"
Liza (Texas)

"I'm extremely pleased with the work done on my ukulele. I was so happy to receive it, I played until my fingers were almost raw. I truly like the way it sounds; you saved its integrity throughout the repair process. I'm most grateful to Old World Music and Gifts!
Best regards to your business"
Rina (New Mexico)

"I had a chance to pick on it a while this morning and I wanted you to know, I am elated with the work you did on the instrument (mandolin.) You took an unplayable family heirloom and made it into something our daughter can enjoy for many years to come. Should I need instrument repairs in the future I will not hesitate to contact you."
Thank you"
Ron (Texas)

"My clarinet arrived in Knoxville on Monday. I could not be more pleased with the result--the workmanship was absolutely beautiful, and the clarinet plays like new! Seeing the instrument in this pristine condition is like turning back the clock sixty years! In the event that I need any major work on my other clarinet or either of my saxophones, I will most definitely send them to you. There are plenty of technicians around these days, but very few real craftsmen; I commend you for being one of the latter!
Best wishes,"
Lonnie (Tennessee)

"I believe that this is close to the best this old Kohlert will sound!. I'm noticing a lot of extra work you performed on this instrument, and I thank you. You've got a knack for bassoons. Again, this old ax has issues, but you had upwards of 10 days to play around with it. Last time I flew with my Heckel to Canada I left it there for 2 months.
Clinking mugs for a job AMAZINGLY done,"
Ian (Louisiana)

"We received the bassoon yesterday. It is in much better shape now and plays beautifully - thank you for all of your help and expertise in repairing! We're really very pleased with your work and are enjoying the sound of our son playing the bassoon once again!
All the best!"
Amy (Florida)

We received the oboe and I'm happy to report that my daughter is thrilled with it. It has never sounded so good, actually. I believe it may have been defective when we purchased it, but now it works perfectly. Thank you so much for your service, and your patience. You did an excellent job!
Take care"
Ana (Georgia)

To keep costs down and save you money we do not have a facility open to the public. We are mail order for the most part. If you live in the East Texas area, however, we can schedule to pick up and deliver repair to you to save shipping costs. Any advertising we have is on the internet and is not done locally. Give us a call or email us if you have any questions about local service in the East Texas area or feel free to send your instrument to us directly.

Our musical instrument repair service can handle most of your repair needs. Check out our repair service pages for prices and descriptions of what services we offer.

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