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The fantasy art of John Randall York

Fantasy art including Halloween art and Christmas art prints by renowned artist John Randall York is now available! What we have to offer here on this pages is by no means a full list of the works of Mr. York. A full list can be found on his Official Home Page. We at Old World Music and Gifts are proud to bring to you some of the most popular and enduring prints. Hover over the pictures on the page below and you will see an enlarged version of the print. When you are ready to make a selection, use the pull down menu below to select your print for purchase. Thanks for visiting the Fantasy Art Page!

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~~Halloween Art~~ ~~Christmas Art~~

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Halloween Art

The Witch Tree

A tree filled with witches at sunset.

The Halloween Tree

Inspired by the wonderful book by Ray Bradbury about Halloween.

Old Crone

An old crone rides an old crow.

Primitive Headless Horseman

primitive, folk-art approach to the famous ghost.

Waiting October

Halloween fairy waits for the magic month of October.

New Halloween Tree

A bright orange, October tree is bedecked with witches, fairies and pumpkins.

The Halloween Fairy

A smartly dressed Halloween fairy.

Mr. Pumpkin

A cheerful, old fashion Halloween pumpkin man.


A lonesome fairy pines away for past Halloweens.

Halloween Dream

A young girl dreams on Halloween.

Green Witch Carousel

An elegant witch rides an ornate carousel crow.
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Christmas Art

Christmas Cantata

A fairy band strikes up a Christmas Cantata.

Fairy Celtic Musicians

A band of fairies play Christmas carols on Celtic instruments.

The Christmas Drum

Fairies greet Christmas with a drum roll.
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