Giving a custom director baton as a gift

Custom director batons are a perfect gift that you can give to your director that he will use for years to come and cherish for it's beauty and thoughtfulness. Often times, a bond is formed with directors. They are looked to as mentors for those who perform around them. The perfect gift for directors is something they use every time they step up to the podium. Giving a custom exotic wood handled baton as a gift is something that the director will remember every time it is picked up. For years to come he or she will remember the student or class that gave them the baton. It is an affordable gift, especially if there is a group to pitch in on the price.
Old World Batons are affordable alternatives to other gifts. They come with options available that will make your gift virtually one of a kind. Directors have different preferences and uses for their batons and most have more than one.
So how do you pick a baton for your specific director? Well, that is going to take a little bit of investigating on your part. Most of the time when your director steps in front of the group I bet you have almost never really looked closely at the baton he or she is using. This will tell a lot about the preferences of your director. Here are some things you can do to get a baton they will like.

  • Try and get a peek at the baton(s) they use. The mysterious and elusive baton will always be well guarded as it is a sort of extension of his or her arm. See if you can get a glimpse of the handle and its shape. Also, see what color the handle is. Find out what their favorite color is by looking at writing pens, clothing color choices, and the color of their car.
  • Next, once you have an idea of the handles shape and colors they like. you can shift your focus to the shaft. Is it white or natural colored? We are sure you are always watching the baton to keep up with the rest of the group, right? =)
  • Next, once you have determined what your director likes, go to the Custom Order Page or the Custom Options page for more details. Make sure you have plenty of time to order it and get it to them before the end of the term. It takes about 3-4 weeks on custom orders- sometimes less- to receive the baton. You can also order a standard baton we already have in stock to make things much faster- those are delivered in about 1-2 weeks
  • We accept payment via Paypal. Payments may also be made by check or money order with the stipulation that the order is held until payment has cleared.

  • Limited Edition Bethlehem Olive Wood Holy Cross Baton/Case Combo.

    Bethlehem Olive Wood Holy Cross baton Limited Edition Bethlehem Olive Wood Baton- Painstakingly handcrafted out of olive wood from the holy city of Bethlehem in Israel. These trees have been bearing fruit since the time of the Roman empire. The baton is 14" in overall length. The handle is 2.5" long and 5/8" diameter at its widest point with a rosewood cross inlay. The baton has a natural shaft and a brass insert on the handle for perfect balance. Each purchase of this limited edition item includes a certificate of authenticity affirming the origin of the wood. The case is crafted from solid red oak and is lined with red velvet. Be one of the few to own one of these beautiful classic batons!
    Combo includes the baton, storage tube, certificate of authenticity, and the solid oak case with red lining.
    No Trees were damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting this olive wood.

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    Padauk Pearl Cross Inlay 12" Standard Baton

    Padauk Pearl Cross 12 Padauk Wood Baton with Pearl Cross- Masterfully handcrafted out of padauk wood this baton has a cross of pearl inlaid into the handle. The baton is 12" in overall length. The handle is 2.5" long and 5/8" diameter at its widest point. The baton has a white shaft and a brass insert on the handle for perfect balance.
    Includes the baton with pearl cross inlay and storage tube.

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    Amboyna Wood inlaid director baton Amboyna Pear-Shaped Handle Baton- This baton is very comfortable. The shape allows for great balance in the hand. It is 14" in overall length. The handle is 2.5" long and 5/8" diameter with a special inlay. This baton has a black composite shaft. This can be ordered in contoured shaped and standard as well. You may order these off of the custom order page and just leave inlays blank if you prefer not to have any. $71.00
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    Zebrawood Renaissance Baton- This baton is an all-time favorite. It is 11" in overall length. The handle is 2.0". This baton may be purchased with either a glossy white or a natural finished shaft. $34.00
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    Petite Chamber Baton- This instrument is designed for smaller groups. It is 10" in overall length. The handle is 1.75" and crafted from Zebrawood and Ebony and has a decorative pearl inlay along one side. This baton has a natural finished shaft. $46.00
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